Tree Planting At New Salford Wetland

The Mersey Basin Rivers Trust have played a part in the design and construction of the new inner city wetland area in Salford – also known as the 2nd flood storage basin.

The basin is designed to hold 650,000,000 cubic litres of storm flood water to help protect residents and businesses in Salford from flooding.

Its an amazing bit of work.

kersal-tree-1 kersal-tree-2 kersal-tree-3 kersal-tree-4 kersal-tree-5

Over the last 2 years, we have watched the Environment Agency and their contractors transform this forgotten corner of Salford (which used to be Salford Racecourse) and only in the last few weeks have contractors and their plant moved off site…

It still looks like a barren construction site – but thats down to the time of year – the area has already been seeded with wild grasses and flowers, and the wetland has been planted with pig plants of natural reeds and water plants…. we just need winter to turn to spring and this area is going to explode into life.

The site has been shut for over two years now,,, and will remain shut until the end of April 2o17 – so wildlife is thriving as a result of lack  of human activity – heron, snipe, ringed plover to name a few of the many bird which have re-colonised the area.

We had the opportunity to get on site this morning to plant 200 trees – helped by Salford, Prestwich and Whitefield Rotary Club, and the Environment Agency…

Rowan, Ash, Hazel and Hawthorn – should enhance the bare area around the wetlands – there are few things more pleasurable than watching trees you have planted growing and maturing….

We plant trees today,,, for the benefit of our children, grandchildren and their friends.

And the sun shined for us !!!

What a great way of spending a few hours on a Sunday morning