River Walkover Surveys

The Mersey Basin covers a huge geographic area

Mersey Area

From Bacup in the North, Whitchurch in the South, Tintwistle in the East to Southport in the West. The only way we can get an accurate picture of the health or our local waterways is with your help. We have broken down our Mersey Basin Region into sub catchment areas, and have then identified a series of small river walks which will enable our volunteers (you could volunteer to help us with this project – it would be very much appreciated) to map our rivers system, noting things like potential sources of pollution, invasive/dangerous plants, fly tipping etc; and also the good things like healthy river streamer weed, birds and other mammals.

We have split our large region into 4 sub regions

Mersey Area 1 Mersey Area 2 Mersey Area 3 Mersey Area 4





And within these sub regions – we have identified manageable sections of each river which our volunteers can walk

Using the River Goyt in the East of our region as an example

River_Goyt_mapHere is the entire river




Goyt Walkover MapAnd here is the river broken down into smaller subsection walkovers, where we can use the walkover recording sheet below to record data and send it in to our offices so that the information can be collated and acted upon.




River walkovers are an essential tool for the Mersey Basin Rivers Trust – helping us map invasive species and identify potential sources of pollution.



If you would like to take part in our river walkover survey program – please contact us here - your involvement will be most welcome :)