Kick Sample Bolton1 25.04.2015  Riverfly Monitoring: We have been running an invertebrate monitoring project on North Manchester rivers since 2012. Using data taken from 3 minute kick sampling we monitor the species count and individual numbers of each species we can monitor river health and identify sources of pollution. We are in the process of expanding this kick sampling project to all Mersey Basin rivers and are looking for volunteers to take part………… You can find out more about this project here…….


summer 2014 072Greening The River: One of the many consequences of the industrial legacy of our rivers is that many of them have been denuded of plant life by a long history of polluted water. As water quality is slowly improving, the re-colonisation of our rivers by native water plant species is lagging far behind, leading to imbalances in the food chain. We have been transplanting water crows foot from areas where it grows in profusion to other areas in the river systems where it is totally absent……… You can find out more about this project here………….

Tackling Invasive Species: Our river valleys are infested with invasive plants which out compete our own native species. We have a program of volunteer led invasive species mapping – which you are welcome to join. A series of community clear up days are currently being planned for later this summer to help eradicate the hotspots of plants that our volunteers locate………. please click this link to find out more…..


kearsley pollution 25.04.2015Pollution Watch: Monitoring sewage discharges into our rivers. Yeurrghhhhh – but sadly this archaic practice is still going on – destroying habitat, killing the river bed, the insects and fish which need fresh water to thrive and preventing our local rivers from reaching their true potential.

Sadly events like this sewage discharge from a Waste Water Treatment Works is still legal under current legislation – lets get the law to clean up its act!    You can read more about how we monitor pollution and waste water discharges on our rivers here…….

Restocking Fish………..

River Irwell Catchment Partnership……..

River Irk Restoration Project: We have been busy working behind the scenes in partnership with our great supporters The Wild Trout Trust to develop a plan to devise a habitat restoration project for the River Irk. The Irk flows from Royton through North Manchester to its confluence with the River Irwell and was described as one of the top 5 trout streams in the UK, and it was famed by King John for the quality and fatness of its eels……. We are hoping to restore wild trout and eels once more to this long neglected melancholy stream………you can read more here…….

Working To Re-Naturalise The Flow Of Our Rivers:……………

Campaigning To Clear Up Riverside Fly Tipping……..