Irwell Clean Up Event 10th May 2016

We teamed up with Salford Council Ranger Team and @NatureinSalford this evening for a short sharp river clean up event on the River Irwell adjacent to Peel Park in Salford.

We started at 5pm with the intention of working our way upstream from Maxwell Hall at Salford Uni towards the new footbridge in Peel Park


Being an area where the river loses a bit of energy – it is a natural deposition point for debris being carried by flood water.

The rivers edges are a mass of junk…

River Debris

River Banks Covered In Junk


True to form – our volunteers found a great variety of river junk – in addition to the usual tyres (49 of them this evening) shopping trolleys, road works, traffic cones etc we managed to find half a Canadian canoe and half a rowing boat – maybe we will get the other 50% of each item in a future clean up event.

dirty work

dirty work

It was dirty work, but the results were immediately visible in this huge pile of debris we accumulated

Well done to everyone who came to lend a hand.
We will be holding more clean up events at this location over the coming summer – dates and details are always listed on our events page.

peel park clean up event